We are here to help all business and their clients. If you're a Gym, restaurant, café, warehouse or any type of premises with potential covid 19 cases please give us a call. We are all in this together. We help you contain infection and spread. Use our professional services to continue your services. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the COVID-2019 Coronavirus Outbreak a pandemic, with thousands of cases in Australia and still growing. Given the highly contagious nature of the viral agent, it is essential you get prepared, whether you are seeking to protect your family or your business . You might want to be prepared if your site becomes infected after an employee or someone you know has shown signs of the infection. Get in touch with us today in order to get a quote for potential cleaning of your site.

Whiz property services has launched a safe and effective decontamination service for public spaces and facilities, removing infectious elements without affecting paint, surfaces and the underlying structure. we have developed fogging nozzle technology to ensure the best application of product which is less aggressive than conventional methods and ensures no damage to people, property or assets. Our decontamination service is informed by consultation with expert chemists and occupational hygienists to provide assurance of compliance, effectiveness and quality

  • We Provide A Contactless Service. All Communication Is Done By Zoom, Phone Or Email. We Do Not Have Contact With The Client Onsite During The Project.

  • All Our Staff Are Covid 19 Safety Trained.

  • We Hire Fencing To Seperate The Site And Portable Toilets Are Used On Site For Our Team.

  • Our Team Are Tested Regularly.

  • It Is A Condition Of Entry To Wash And Sanitise Hands. We Have Sanitiser Stations On Site.